3D & Animation

The mushroom cave

The mushroom cave is a secret cave world hidden deep inside the earth where a completely different ecosystem with strange, exotic bioluminescent plants and mushrooms evolved.

The mushroom cave presents a dark, surreal, undisovered world full of mystery and secrets, that has the potential for many interesting stories.


Spaceships and foreign planets are always very exotic and faszinating places, which are interesting to create in CGI programs. These are some space scenes I created in Maya and Blender, trying to catch this mysterious and adventurous space feeling and giving it a science fiction look.

The Atyro Project

Atyro is an Alien planet in a nearby star system that is home to many exotic and phantastic life forms. My main challenge with the Atyro project was to create potential life forms on a foreign planet, that look alien enough to form a believable ecosystem of an alien planet, but still look earthly enough to be compared to earth life forms and to form an atmospheric landscape.

I used the Unity Game engine to create a game landscape with different Alien plants and some buildings to walk around in, these are some screenshots from the Unity world.

For more Atyro Artwork, click here

If you want to explore this Atyro landscape on your own, here is a download of the Unity file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8hi3vilddi59oq9

3D models

Some of the models I created with Sculptris, trying to catch the shapes of real life animals and creating believable fictional creatures.

Texture testing in Unity

Some Textures I made from photos that I took in the city, tested in Unity: