One of my interest fields is designing and creating textures from photos.

I search for interesting or useful structures and surfaces in real life, take photos of them and turn them into high-resolution seamless textures.

All textures presented here are made by me from my own photos.

My textures are under CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE, this means yo can use them for NON-COMMERCIAL projects if you give credit to me as the original creator.

For commercial projects, please contact and ask me: Felix95B@gmail.com


My Texture Library

Seamless textures


Texture Source Photos

These are unedited raw texture photos that are not seamless, but can still be used for various work or to create seamless textures out of them.

From Photos to textures

To create new textures, I explore different places, from natural places to urban environments to find interesting structures and surfaces that I can turn into a texture.

For plant textures, I search for plants that make a good texture and put them on a bright background to take a photo. In an image manipulation program, I cut out the plant and turn it into a transparent PNG texture.

For seamless surface textures, I take photos in a similar way and search for a part of the structure that is easy to duplicate without creating edges. By cutting out, duplicating and turning around I create seamless textures that can beu used next to each other without showing a transition.