The Zedercraft Texturepack for Minecraft

The Zedercraft Texturepack is a texture pack I created for the popular open-world sandbox game Minecraft.

It is a bright, colorful, realistic texture pack that gives every block, item, mob, etc. a new look to create a new style for the Game and give a new design experience for Minecraft players.

Unlike the pixelated 16 x 16 default textures of Minecraft, the Zedercraft Texturepack has high-resolution 256 x 256 textures that are mostly made from photos, to make Minecraft look much more realistic and detailed.

The textures are bright and colorful enough to support the creative, stylized feeling of Minecraft, but combines it with photo textures to give it a more realistic look but still keep the games character.


I started my first experiments with Minecraft textures in 2012, but it took until 2014 for me to create my first full 256 x256 texture pack for Minecraft, and since then I updated and improved my texture pack with the various new Minecraft updates and also improving or replacing existing textures.


Download Zedercraft Texturepack [256p] for Minecraft 1.13 :


Download Zedercraft Texturepack [128p] for Minecraft 1.13 :


Download Zedercraft Texturepack [256p] for the Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft (Version 1.6.1):


Unlike the other work presented on my page, some of the texture sources of the Zedercraft pack are not from me, I took Creative Commons /License free photos and made textures out of them, editing and reworking them a lot.

To download a full list of all texture photo sources, click here:



For more information and seasonal variants of the pack ( including an autumn, christmas and winter version!), visit the official Minecraft forum post of the Zedercraft Texturepack: